Woz Update: Woz’s Reaction to His Voting Help…

Here is what a friend wrote to me:

this competition is not about winning but your being a role model for everyone showing that you can accomplish so much if you try your best, have a positive attitude, overcome your fears and have the support of your friends.

I heartily agree with that assessment.

A lot of people are glad to see someone like myself having a chance.

A ton of you actually voted over and over and over to keep me in, and it worked. It could even work all the way to the victory. It isn’t enough just to want me to win. It takes votes.

I almost dread this Tuesday show, with the dance-off. It’s pretty boring for us dancers. We get called out on a few occasions and stand where marks on the floor have our names. We wait and stand and wait.

When we know our dance routines, we can be comfortable and go out and perform it. But on Tuesday, you never know if you are going to make it to the second and third selection. Then you have to portray a face-off and dance again. The 2 worst dances get repeated again on national TV. Each pair has to worry about going up or down a notch.

I had expected, from the lowest judges’ scores in 6 years, to likely be in a dance-off. I had my knee pads under my costume. I had even thought ahead far enough to plan on repeating last week’s quickstep with its fast footwork or this Samba with the work, on Regis & Kelly this Thursday, which is what happens to the one sent home.

During the first stand-off, where four partners would be ‘saved’ to dance again, I waited with high anticipation. After 3 couples were ‘saved’ they led up to the 4th announcement and then paused for what seemed forever. Like the other announced ‘saves’ I took a breath and held it and hoped, and hoped, and hoped to hear “Steve and Karina.” When I heard it I couldn’t believe it Karina screamed and I held her saying “Oh my god.” I felt like everything including my nerves had been instantly sucked out of me. I was lightly crying for the rest of the show.

The audience cheered their approval and the other dancers made it obvious that they shared our joy.

I was also very glad when Steve O. got saved. We have to find a way to help him with votes if I ever get sent home. I know he’ll do the same for me. And that sort of combined votes could make the total difference right to the finals.

Well, it’s obvious that with the lowest judges’ score in 6 years, friends and fans who voted over and over and over for us did save us, and prove their existence to the producers of Dancing With The Stars.

I am eternally grateful to so many of you who gathered groups of friends and got them to vote on all their phones as many times as allowed. I have to confess that I even let my wife vote on my phones. Karina voted for us on her phone and got the calls on video at our practice last night.

By the way, you saw Karina in a very hot “Man Eater” dance tonight.

It is late and we are starting a new dance tomorrow. So I have to get some sleep after a very long day. I will keep you informed. Please keep voting for me. We have to show that we are not insignificant. The producers did their best to get me to back out because of my injuries. But I was able to dance and proved it. They tried to get me to back out because of embarrassment, saying the judges might give me 2′s. I said I don’t get embarrassed. I’m not sure why the judges almost always have the same scores within a small range. How do they all know what level of lowness or highness to score? All three judges had scored me incredibly low, but they didn’t daunt my enjoyment because I knew how many fans liked and believed in me.

With all of you, nothing can stop me.

Let me repeat what I believe this is all about. This came from my good friend, Bobbi Fisher Velazquez. I met Bobbi when she coordinated a program at Chapman College to save 9th graders in danger of dropping out of school after flunking English. Michael Anthony Hall helped these kids progress in reading and writing, and I did also, in that program. Here is what Bobbi said:

this competition is not about winning but your being a role model for everyone showing that you can accomplish so much if you try your best, have a positive attitude, overcome your fears and have the support of your friends.

– tv is wake zone

Woz Update: This Week’s Dance Video…

By now, you know that Woz made it through, thanks in LARGE part to the Woz fans out there, voting and voting and voting. I thought this was fascinating. In my opinion, the dance was terrible. Not from lack of effort, not at all. Woz can do a lot of things, but dancing is just not his forte. The judges turned on him this week. The friendliest judge said, “the novelty has worn off.”

It will be interesting to see if Woz can maintain the voting momentum for another week. I have to say, Woz is the only reason I would ever watch this show, and I suspect I am not alone. The producers should be incredibly grateful to Woz. You can’t help but root for him.

See the video below.

– Dave

Woz Update: Just before the show…

got my hair done

got my makeup…yesterday many said it looked like I had a sprayed-on tan, ha ha

off to the show in minutes

I’ll dance like it’s my last!!! (if I have to)

You could never believe how many people in every department of this show are for me. They even have to whisper their truths sometimes. And their smiles are sincere about me.

Let’s get on with it now!

I’ll try to send an update tonight, either after dinner with friends here or after the Jimmy Kimmel show or in-between if I get time.

best wishes,


– tv is wake zone

Woz Update: Will Woz Get Voted Off Tonight?

Hurried day.

Yesterday I handwrote personal 1-2 page letters to each of the stars, telling them why they were such good people. They were delivered with a letter expressing my desire to remain friends forever. I titled it “The Dance Goes On” or something like that. I also included my metal name card, a sheet of $2 bills, and a fun book. I shied away from nice flowers or expensive crystal, as those sorts of gifts don’t represent me.

Today I finished the written letters to the dancing professionals on the show. They are equally outstanding and good of people. Their gifts will be delivered to their trailer by the end of the show tonight.

Ty Murray came to my trailer a few minutes ago and thanked me very directly and with the utmost of forthrightness. He spoke highly of my character. It’s hardly needed since we have had so many good discussions so far anyway, and I said in my letter what I saw in him. I hope this gets me into a Jewel concert someday!

Many of the other stars commented on their gifts yesterday. I wanted them all to know that my feelings for them are genuine and not phony. To be truthful, each of us feels the same about all the others.

I’m going to dress rehearsal in a few minutes. It’s just learning where to stand in the dumb “who’s saved” moments. I do not like this Tuesday show, but watch my partner, Karina, dance with 3 guys to “Man Eater.” This is an incredible perfermance. I hope it’s the only dance she does today.

Whether we have to dance in a dance-off depends on how many audience votes I got. Ever if I got a lot of votes, tens of thousands is a drop in the bucket compared to millions, so it’s always hard to tell how things fell out. But my fingers are crossed to have been spared from dancing what the judges call ‘not dancing’ again. I guess if my audience votes didn’t save me from the dance-off, I’ll probably be on Jimmy Kimmel live tonight.

Thanks to all my best friends and fans,

Woz (“The Flame” as Karina jokingly calls me)

– tv is wake zone

Woz Update: Woz is Ready to Dance…

My leg is doing fine.

I will Samba tonight.

I am constrained in movement a bit so my hip shaking may be low for the Samba, but I’ll push through. I assure you I am trying hard.

We did our camera blocking this morning. It was my first practice of the day and I could tell by the end that the leg was fine for dancing. As usual, Karina got me doing a few small improvements. As I like to say, there are literally thousands of small things for us newcomers to learn.

We then did our routine twice to the real orchestra. They sounded GREAT on our song. I even got to sign the MacBook Pro case of the singer!

I hope the world is not too shocked by my adding break dancing moves to the end of our routine, including the worm! It should get a lot of You Tube hits I’m told. I know nothing about break dancing so it’s more like Woz attempting the worm, but all laughter is good, even when it’s at you.

I need all the support possible. A lot of people say they are voting for me but it really matters that you do it. That is my ace in the hole in this dancing competition. When you look at the background of many of the others, I should be able to pull in lots of votes via phone, SMS and internet. But I care more that lots of people feel good watching me, regardless of the outcome.

Please, don’t bog down my email on these 2 critical days. And if I’m ejected, I have a bunch of scheduled appearances on both coasts until Sunday, so please hold off until then. After that I should be extremely free to spend time with all of you.

To great enjoyment,


– tv is wake zone

Woz Update: Bad Injury, Had to Switch Routine

Yesterday evening I was sure that I couldn’t dance on Monday, due to so much pain that I would wince when I walked. It wasn’t pretty.

My partner, Karina, is very familiar with such injuries and worse. She was of the opinion that if I withdrew from Dancing With The Stars, rumors would fly that I was using this injury as an excuse. She has danced with pulled hamstrings many times. I can tell you from how this one felt, that it’s not the same for a 20 year old as it is for a 58 year old.

Karina modified our routine to keep it as good, but avoid a few maneuvers that caused me extreme pain. We practiced a few times last night on the real DWTS stage and I decided that I could do the dance, a Samba, on Monday (tomorrow).

We practiced today. I had very little problem with my pain in the dance but now had to learn different sequences of the whole routine, and connect them. You have heard of muscle memory. One step reminds your foot of the next step, and so on. But now we took chunks in the middle and rewrote them. Plus we lost nearly 2 days of rehearsal due to my inability to do anything, not to mention hospitals and MRI’s and more over 2 days. So rehearsal-wise, we are behind everyone else, but we are feeling confident that we can do something of value tomorrow. You’ll have to see.

I have much more to say to you all, but it’s an incredibly tired time for me.

Please, keep email and phone calls to an absolute minimum. I will not necessarily be by either with any time at all tomorrow. I have to ask your help in minimizing this.



Woz Update: Woz comments on “fake” audience numbers and Steve-O injury…

If you believe reality TV, ha ha ha ha. It’s all based on reality but you never know what’s true or totally made up.

The DWTS show claims to mix judge votes and audience votes on a 50-50 basis. Most viewers probably believe this.

Mark Cuban (software billionaire entrepreneur who was on the show) says he looked up the formula and if you scored 0 and each other dance team scored a perfect 30, then if you had 6% more audience votes you win the whole thing. I don’t know if there is that specific a formula. But since they never tell you any vote counts, you never know what’s real and what’s true.

From so many angles I am sure that I have huge numbers of audience votes. My You Tube dance had 10 times the number of views that any other did. In the San Francisco area the ratings doubled, making this show #1 in prime time for the first time ever. It’s a big market that the show has been trying to crack. In almost every city, the article announcing this year’s cast led with my picture and name.

But the producers play games to get viewers and don’t disclose the numbers. If they disclosed the numbers, it would be less of a game, but still suspect. If tomorrow they claim I’m in the bottom 2 dance teams, including viewer votes, I believe that it’s an outright lie. I called it fake about 20 times today on camera, each time in the same sentence as whatever comment they wanted about doing a dance-off tomorrow. That way they couldn’t edit it easily to say what they wanted. They kept trying to get me to say what I’d do if I was in the dance off without using the word fake. They got a bit but I don’t want to back down on truthfulness. They will have some small video tomorrow of me saying things that I strongly told them I don’t believe. They will also shoot me in a one-hour rehearsal tomorrow with my partner but I’ll keep calling the idea of my being in the bottom 2, after audience participation, a lie. They can edit a bit but they can’t edit me tomorrow night when the show is live and I’m talking to judges. I don’t care about myself on the show. I can dance or take lessons whenever I want. But I care about the millions of viewers that are being lied to yet believe what they hear.

I’m sure they want me in this dance-off to get higher Tuesday ratings and they have pre-planned it so that I win. If my leg acts up tomorrow, they will either have to announce another pair as being the lowest or send me home, and I don’t think they will give me up.

I have decided already that even if they send me home, I’m going to ask Karina to teach me the Samba (our next dance) that she worked out in a studio Sunday night after our first time practicing the Samba on the real stage. We have a great song (Jump in the Line by Harry Belafonte) and she had great moves to show me, not that it’s going to be easy to learn. I won’t tell you again how hard I work at this.

It’s hard to get all this out politely, challenging the truthfulness of reporting of our dance team positions. But I am who I am and I speak my mind and hate these unethical twists. I’m not after any Hollywood existence. I have vowed to all my friends that I will not change in that way; I won’t go over the line. I’m here to help others appreciate dancing. But that doesn’t mean I have to compromise my ethics very much.

My dance partner was crying in the confessional, done just after you watch us on the show. She was saying that she felt so guilty for being the reason I was scored low, due to the show people not liking her for also speaking her mind. I can tell you that is very true. I told her on the cameras that she had given me a love of dancing in my heart forever and that was more important than any competition. We have become very close throughout this and she knows I wasn’t making it up to console her. We are both lucky to have been assigned to each other.

In fact, Karina is engaged to another of the professional dancers, Maks. Maks also became a very good friend of mine, who has given me great suggestions. When I first met Karina I surmised that a woman this fine in so many ways, including brains, could find and get the best man in the world. When I met her fiancee Maks I came to feel that she had found the best. I have made comments in the preceding week to press and more that this world has a lot of things very wrong but when I think of the two of them together, I feel that the Earth is a better place. This is also totally true, a thought that came to me one day.

Well, what isn’t yet told is how she had her ring on today, but on the middle finger. At one point while she was in tears she ran down a hall in the studio (this was in the period after our dance) and Maks, who had just come near, took a step to go after her but stopped. I pushed Maks and told him to go after her and he did try then.

Karina likes to joke and has played some rather good pranks on me. At one point she had a good joke (I think) about her being upset having been related to something like pregnancy. I believe it was a good joke. But it did bring up a valid subject. One person said that Maks wanted children. Karina probably isn’t ready yet. I didn’t think I was ready but then the first one came and you actually are ready when it happens. Does that make any sense. I tried to tell Karina something that I many times told another good friend, who now has a child. I told her that every baby has a chance of growing up to be the one person who rises and finally saves our world from so many bad things.

It was a hard time with Karina hurting so today. I will see her in the morning.

I’m telling a lot of real stuff, partly so that if you hear other things on TV you will know that they are not necessarily true.

On another side of things, I’m grieving for Steve O. I have tried to tell in my prior posts about DWTS how close he and I became as good friends forever, from the day I met him. His father even was once hired by Apple CEO John Sculley when Sculley was at Pepsi. Steve O (of the show and movie Jackass) and I both know that we have a mutual respect and trust that is beyond quick friendship. He had a rude and vulgar ending to his dance for tonight and everyone at the show tried to talk him out of it. So did his parents. But his jackass friends liked it. I saw and learned all this Saturday night.

Sunday morning I finally ran into him and told him that if he didn’t do that vulgar thing he would still have every single one of his fans, but that his wonderful dancing and smile had gotten him a lot of fans among “the rest of us”. I told him that it’s like religious groups or conservatives to huddle in their group and disdain and scorn those who are different or think differently. I told him this quickly and succinctly and we met eye to eye and he told me he’d think about it. Shortly thereafter I got the word that he was going to not do that vulgar part.

He did get truly injured and I saw it. I’m so sorry and grieving and have to see him tomorrow after this show.

Well, after the show I did get to Bob’s Big Boy with Steve Fishell. We had a great time there. They have a plaque on a certain counter spot saying that it’s reserved for their best customer, Arthur Klein. When we left, Arthur had come back in, after having left to a bus stop across the street. I went to Arthur and told him that I’d spoken to him on previous occasions and how great he was. We took photos too. Arthur can’t walk well and needed a ride home, so we got to do the historic good deed of taking him home, right there in Burbank. We also heard a few stories of his father and mother and connection to Warner Brothers in early days.

– tv is wake zone

Woz update: Woz looking out for Steve-O

Yesterday was a GREAT day for me.

I went over my quickstep routine moves all night in my head and awake knowing that I was going to get every part right and smile the whole way and improve a few details. My partner Karina likes to go through the entire routine 10 times in one day as a final preparation to doing it onstage. The day before she had put me through it 5 times and there were lots of things that needed working on.

That day before, Friday, I brought some Keds-like sneakers that I’d gotten from the tailor for this dance. Karina was very disturbed that they were plain black sneakers that had the Keds style, but were not real Keds as she had requested. She sent a photo of some red Keds with the white bottom stripe to the head costume guy, Randalph so I should get those shoes today.

Worse yet, Karine had told me that she was getting dark grey and light grey plaid pants for a Buddy Holly geek-like feel. When I went to the tailor for a fitting, they were white and pink and purple or something. I thought it very interesting but that’s Karina’s department. At one point on Friday or yesterday (it gets blurred) Karina asked about my grey pants and I told her they were sort of brown. She at first thought I was joking but then Julie showed a photo she’d snapped with her blackberry. Karina got on the phone, and like the Russian she is, took control over the costume guy to get that corrected. I’ll have my new costume later today.

While at the tailor the other day (Wednesday?) I saw Ty Murray, Jewel’s rodeo champion husband. He didn’t look extremely happy like myself and Julie overheard him taking a call from Jewel and saying something like he just wanted to get home. But his costume, on that skinny body, sure looked sharp.

Well, on Friday I tried the soft sneakers and at a point near the end of my routine, where the energy peaks, I couldn’t jump myself through all sorts of calisthenics. The energy absorption of these super comfortable padded shoes was too much for my toes to overcome with my weight. I had to go back to my normal dance shoes to get through the routine. When I get the real Keds today, I hope that they work for me.

One thing is that when we do the whole routine, both Karina and myself can wind up sore and out of breath, as though it was the greatest minute exertion of energy possible, totally depleted. As the day progresses I need longer and longer rests to have a body that can get through what seems like a short dance. But I can do my best when I’ve had a long rest, and that’s the case before the dress rehearsal and the real live routine, so I will definitely have the strength then.

The 5 run-throughs on Friday didn’t go as well as I’d hoped but Karina appeared comfortable, knowing where I’ll be based on where I am. It was hard and I had troubles with a few standard spots, but we had 2 more days before going live. I’d awoken Friday a bit worried about it. So Friday night I thought while awake and dreaming through my routine, over and over, matching each step, each foot, to a beat in the music.

I awoke yesterday full of smiles. I knew that I’d gotten through the point of my head having to focus hard on the order of things. My muscle memory would get through it. That would enable me to be happy and enjoy the dance and smile. In this dance, you have to be a bit more rigid and there’s precious little time to look at the audience, but we have some fun parts worked in.

The practice went well. I couldn’t do 10 perfect run-throughs. Three times, in a jumping part near cthe end, the heavy microphone on my swim trunks started pulling them down, under my shirt. Each of those times the chance of my pants falling in front of a video camera took my entire focus and even if my pants wouldn’t likely fall off, I either forgot the coming steps or I just stopped to avoid embarrassment.

We did make it through 10 times. Maybe as few as 8 times and 4 halves, but by the end of that session, we didn’t care about the exact count. We had many runs good enough, but we still had 2 hours of practice on the real DWTS stage later in the evening.

During our practice on the real stage, there was one time that my swim trunks started falling on their own, without even a microphone. Maybe my body, like my hips, are rearranging themselves. Karina and I worked on the part of our routine where I have constantly had the most trouble, and we really got it right. I just had to listen to the beats of the music and match my steps to them. This part was difficult for me to get right so I was always too worried in it, but now I’m trying to shake all the worries and enjoy it. Maks was at our practice last night and he watched me and saw my foot errors. We then had Julie shoot us with a camcorder and it became obvious. Karina spoke to me about not getting ahead of the beat and about not spacing 2 steps out into 2 beats when they should have been quick and on one beat for both, at the start of this part that had been giving me trouble.

After a few trials I lit up with a smile and we knew that I’d gotten something learned.

Our last run through last night was our most perfect one ever. Every single part where I’d sometimes had difficulties before but instantly corrected (or not corrected) want correctly. I even had time to totally see them as a person outside of me would, and be totally ready for what comes next, rather than worry or totally forget it. There’s one part where we are going forward fast across the whole stage, toward the main audience, and then, like hitting a barrier, we halt on 2 beats and then run backwards as if something is pulling us by the tail, attached to our butts, From then on, the next 15 seconds are “more than the average energy” as Bullwinkle might say.

I was elated but found that it took much more than the normal amount of time to change shoes to my cast and a tennie, to put on pants and a sweater, and Segway home. I got home aching all over. I sat down and did a bit of Saturday night computer work and then Janet arrived. I had to go down an elevator to meet her, as we still haven’t gotten around to getting her a set of keys for the weekends, when she comes. I found that I was getting delirious from the energy expenditure of yesterday and I could barely walk at all, even in my socks. I have never looked so funny or so in pain in my life. It took me about 5 minutes just to maneuver my body into the bathtub. I don’t take baths normally, and anyone who knows me knows that it would take a great occasion or emergency to get me into a bath, but I needed it badly. I also need a massage but it was late and I needed a bed even more, so that massage didn’t happen. Maybe today (Sunday) some time.

I hoped that sleep was the best medicine, but this morning I’m only half restored. My body still aches in so many places.

Oh, I forgot to mention that my fractured foot is a big success. It didn’t stop me once during the last 2 days of heavy practice and other aches for overwhelm that foot now. The walking cast and being careful have paid off. They hurt is not gone but I only rarely are even aware of it now. And I went 4 days without aspirin or any other pain relief. Last night my body was so “beat up” that I took an Aleve and today it’s still so beat up that I’ll take another. Yes, there is even great pain in my shoulders just to type this. I’m sure that this is true for all the other celebrity stars, even Melissa with her ‘dancing’ background. We all speak to each other of our sore bodies. Even Karina, like after yesterday, speak of soreness.

Karina and Maks are trying to put together a TV show based around a couple starting a dance studio, with scenes like in Cheers. They don’t want to do stupid corny things like the show being about them as a couple. It’s a battle to keep high integrity in this business. I would go to the ends of the earth to help them in any way I could, they have been such good friends and good people to know.

OK, I’m lucky that I don’t have to be on stage for blocking. That’s where we go through our routine and the camera crew decides where the cameras will be at each point and things like the lighting too. Then we have some hours of practice but I’m not sure I want to do much. There’s a point you can take your body past that damages it.

Oh, one last thing before I leave for the CBS studio 46. I watched Steve O dance last night on stage. He does very well and his dance is good and enjoyable. His partner Lacy came up to kick him in…in…in…the nuts at the last beat of the music. I thought she’d gotten mad about something but Steve O wants her to kick him as hard as she can. Then he showed a few us us there an internet clip of him, fully naked, being kicked there. It was a bit disgusting for most people to even watch. Many of us told him not to include this crude piece but he says his fans will love it. Today I intend to speak to him as a friend. A lot of religious and conservative people like to have camps and groups. If you are not in our group, we don’t care about you. Steve O playing for his Jackass fans is fine but he wouldn’t lose one vote or bit of support from his fans if he skipped this vulgar display. And he is recovering from drugs and whatever and smiles so nicely that he could take the more liberal and progressive view of appealing to all types of people.

gotta go now…more later

– tv is wake zone

Woz update: An off day, with lots of practice…

I have been too short on time to post updates for a few days.

An early day has radio interviews at 6:30 in the morning, lasting 2 hours, where they connect me to station after station after station on a strict time schedule, with about 10 minutes per station. I had one of those radio tours scheduled today but it got postponed to next week. I’m very happy about that. But I still got up at 7 AM and did some morning email (it’s still too heavy). One email referred me to a great G4 skit about my dancing and it was very funny so I sent it to this joke list.

I had one radio interview at 9:15 this morning with Billy Bush. It was pleasant and fun. He likes to joke but not too corny or hokey. As I was talking with Billy he used his computer to find that the internet domain “followthewoz.com” was available. This interview was taped and wouldn’t be live until later, so I managed to get that domain and point it to my other sites, thanks to helpful friends here in L.A.

Then I headed off to dancing training at a new (for me) studio on 3rd street. I’m avoiding Segways somewhat with my fractured foot, so Julie and I drove. She had a horrible fall in the garage on one of those car bumps that we have to walk around and tore her pants at the knee. Yes, there was blood, and later there was swelling. Julie is one of my ‘J’ friends that are a bit jumpy and she got scared and chilled and dizzy and weak too. After we drove to the 3rd Street Dance studio, Julie got Joe to take her to Nordstroms so she must have new pants. I wish it had been me in the fall.

Up in this new dance studio, I almost tripped a couple of times where the floor went up 3 inches as you walked through a door, so it was almost 2 of us injured today.

Practice went very well. There were a couple of press video interviews. They were very interested in my hurt foot, after a paparazzi photo made the rounds yesterday of me leaving practice in a walking cast. Julie had been with me and quickly scooted ahead when she saw the paparazz guy, so she didn’t pop up in the photos.

Basically, my foot is getting better each day. I didn’t need a single stop to ice the foot the last 2 days and I only stop practice to dry off and rest my body. At one point today, near the end, I took both shoes off because both feet ached on the bottom. The hurt foot has its problem inside, not on the bottom. So this is the best medical news I could have.

I really really enjoyed the few times we ran through our entire Quickstep dance. I can make it through now, but haven’t done it with the level of perfection I want. I should not use that word ‘perfection’. I should say completion or adequacy. I’m not a professional dancer.

Denise Richards was using a studio at the same place and she dropped by and watched my entire routine. Denise was the first of the celebrities to approach me one day and say “hello” so she is important to me and I am supportive of Denise and actually like her. I know that she was somewhat worried and nervous for the first dance. I don’t know if it was fear of screwing up or the huge importance of the massive TV audience, but I am so rooting for every one of us to get through the dances, and Denise did hers wonderfully. I’m pretty sure the judges scored her highly too. Denise invited me down to watch her next dance with Maks, who is engaged to my dance partner, Karina. It’s a tight, small world I’d say. I can tell you now that I was blown away. Maks and Karina both choreograph for a lot of impact and you will like this dance. Best of all, Denise doesn’t seem tight from nervousness. If she wins the whole thing, I’ll be very happy. I know that she has a reputation as a hot chick actress but I don’t even know celebrities in movies and I don’t go around giving attention to chicks because they are pretty, as any of my close friends can testify, so don’t think that I’m just trying to watch her in spandex dancing clothes, ha ha.

The other night, one of the talent producers, Deena, had invited Julie and I out to dinner at a great local BBQ place in the Grove, the nearby elegant outdoor mall. Deena’s husband has become a friend too. We love talking and it usually goes in the direction of tech products. They brought along another friend who may be a top ABC executive. He may even be the one that books DWTS for ABC. He had on Buddy Holly style glasses, which is coincidentally what I want to wear on Monday when I dance. We shared computer stories and more for most of the evening.

Deena also brought along Melissa, with reality TV fame, most recently from The Bachelor show where she won and then was dumped. She came with her dance partner, Tony, another exceptional person. Melissa is a young and polite Texan and it was her birthday and she didn’t want to celebrate it all alone. Those who know me know the sort of ‘bag of tricks’ I carry, so I did a lot of tricks for everyone at the table and gave Melissa a few birthday presents, like the optical illusion ring that I always carry and a couple of other unusual ones. I say, why make enemies when you can make friends. It always helps to have lots of friends.

Well, at today’s practice, Melissa and her boyfriend Ty (not Jewel’s husband) dropped by and Julie and I got a photo with them, which should soon be on the Facebook page Julie set up for DWTS.

Oh, I forget to mention. In today’s morning email, I got a link to a hilarious skit on the tech channel, G4. They did a very funny bit about me and DWTS and then did a small dance on Segways with pink boas. I am so delighted that this dance has turned into such an element of humor. Jimmy Fallon had a skit the other night with guys dressed like me (in my dance), with beards like mine, and pink boas and it was hilarious too.

Well, I’m going to post this instead of writing more. I had an option for evening studio time today and I opted to take it. Practice never hurts. But after you practice for 6 hours (10 to 4) you are sore and a couple of hours to recover allow you to dance some more. My attitude is changing. I’m trying less to look at my steps from inside me, and more from how I look to someone on the outside. It’s a major shift in how I visualize what I’m doing. It helps me smile at the audience more. I smile a lot but when I’m learning an not yet sure, I don’t have enough of a smile. It comes near the end of learning a new dance.


You have to come to like your dance partner. Fortunately, Karina and I are very close now. No matter what else happens in DWTS, nothing will top that Karina wants me to walk her down the aisle when she marries Maks. Nothing could mean more to me. You have to have some good qualities to have such an incredible distinction.

Until the next chance to chat,